Last Call Launch Update



Welcome new Foodies! Our user base has grown 32% since our launch! 
We wish we could hug you all! Your support has been incredible.
Look out for meals from Beefsteak, Founding Farmers, GRK, and Tonic.
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What to Expect When Using Last Call

  1. Usually, you will receive a notification via email or SMS of disounted meals.
  2. After placing your order on our online store, head to the restaurant during the pickup window specified in the meal description. You MUST pick up your meal during the pickup window!
  3. Tell the restaurant you’re with Last Call and show your receipt. Your meal will be prepared shortly!
  4. Bring your own container, utensils, or other reusable items to help the restaurant and the environment! 

We love our fans!

We enjoyed meeting so many passionate people interested in working for Last Call at GW’s Startup Fair this past Tuesday. In particular, we loved meeting our very first Last Call customer, Nerina! Thanks for stopping by.

Dude, Where’s My Food?

As our fans may have noticed, deals have been rather random these past few weeks. Rest assured, more offers are on the way! We appreciate your support as we get restaurants comfortable using the platform and iron out technical hiccups. 

Let us know your feedback!

Have you placed an order through Last Call already? Awesome! Help us serve you better by taking this customer feedback survey. Or, email us and tell us your thoughts. We’d love to hear them!

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