Happy Fourth of July 

By Geena Peyton, Nina Clark, and Aleena West (The eenas)

As we roll into our holiday season to celebrate our independence let’s show our pride by keeping our country clean and safe! Let’s show our pride by reducing our carbon footprint and getting the most bang for your buck. Last Call is here to share some fun tips and tricks to help you avoid too much food waste and make the most of what you have. 

Low-Cost Vegan 4thof July Eatz for the BBQ

  • Corn
    • Boil it, throw it on the grill, eat it out of a can, salt it up
  • Portabella Burgers
    • Grill em up and throw them in a bun, the best way to avoid getting uncomfy questions from your carnivorous uncles 
  • Good ole potato chips
    • Vegan, delicious
  • Beanz
    • Make sure to double check any baked beans are vegetarian but they’re a good way to beef up your 4th of July protein count
  • Greenz
    • Leafy foods are good for all occasions full stop

Donation Centers 

Be sure to call and see if a donation center near you will accept your food and/or donations! Here are a few places you can donate to in the DMV:


!! Friendly reminders !!

  • Remember to safely dispose of all fireworks and celebratory items!
  • Try and avoid using plastic utensils, switch to metal utensils or even your hands! (lol) 
  • If you have too much food remember try and share with neighbors or donate to those in need. (A few donation centers listed above)  
  • Reduce the number of plastic cups and bottles, if you can’t, be sure to recycle! 
  • And as always, have fun and stay safe!!