Connecting vulnerable communities with affordable meals & supporting local restaurants

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More Than Just A Meal

During these uncertain times, our mission at Last Call for Food remains the same: create an equitable food system that feeds marginalized communities and supports local restaurants.

Last Call launched last year as a resource for college food insecurity. We worked with restaurants near George Washington University to serve more than 600 affordably-priced meals to college students.

In collaboration with Founding Farmers, Last Call is now offering affordable meal delivery to vulnerable communities in the DC and Northern Virginia areas.

Please consider buying a meal for a neighbor in need and sharing our efforts with those who could benefit.

Restaurants lost $30 billion in March and were on track to lose $50 billion in April (National Restaurant Association). 

Meanwhile, 22 million Americans have lost their jobs over the past month (U.S. Department of Labor).

The economic loss due to COVID is devastating. Food insecurity has now become one of the most prevalent issues in our country. Some food banks are seeing a 500% increase in demand.

There is no better way to support and ignite local communities than through the power of food. For many, the very communities we live in are defined by these local food businesses and gathering spots.

COVID-19 RESOURCES: Click to find resources for cash assistance, tips on how to apply for government-funded programs like food stamps and unemployment, and more. We will update this list as more resources become available.