Erin McGeoy is the founder and CEO of Last Call. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, she received a scholarship to play water polo at George Washington University where she studied marketing and sustainability. Despite receiving scholarships, financial aid, and working throughout college, Erin struggled to finance her basic needs.

She developed many innovative ways to access more affordable food while in college; she lived a “freegan” lifestyle, subscribing to as many university listservs as possible and planning her week around events that offered free food. She was also a frequent shopper at her university’s food pantry and would double up on post-workout protein bars as meal replacements.

After she created a Facebook group called Free Food in Foggy Bottom to share her strategies with others, Erin realized that her situation was not unique. The group rapidly grew to 500 users while reports on hunger among college students were starting to appear in the media. After closely studying the negative environmental impacts of food waste while working on the Food Waste team at the World Wildlife Fund, she decided to focus her energy to solve what she saw as two huge social inefficiencies: college food insecurity and wasted food. 

Last Call empowers college students with affordable meals and helps food partners sell out instead of throw out. By promoting discounts on surplus food that may otherwise be wasted, we bridge the gap between the millions of college students facing food insecurity and the 40% of food that is wasted in America.

Food partners include Founding Farmers, Beefsteak, Equinox, and Tonic restaurants.

Winners of GW’s 2019 New Venture Competition: 1st Place, Best Women’s Venture, Best Food Venture, and Audience Choice Award, winning $45k in cash prizes and $100k in Google Cloud Services. Participated in the 1776, Be Green, Future Founders, and GW Summer Startup Accelerators.


Featured in the Washington Business Journal: Last Call founder Erin McGeoy and co-founder Chloe King.

Winners of GW’s 2019 New Venture Competition and $45k!