Sell out, Don’t Throw Out

Last Call helps food partners efficiently manage their excess inventory and communicate deals on food that may otherwise go to waste.

Increase Profits

By driving traffic in off-peak hours, we help food partners sell out instead of throw out, generate additional revenue, and recover the sunk costs lost on food waste.

Build brand loyalty and reach

With our marketing campaigns, we drive users who may not have heard of your brand, or may not be able to afford to regularly buy meals at full price.

Do good for your community

Recent reports show that close to half of all college students surveyed across the U.S. struggle to afford regular meals. Together, let’s provide access to more affordable meals.

How it works

1. Upload surplus meals to the Last Call platform.

2. Users receive a notification and purchase meals in-app.

3. Users pick up their food during a pick-up window set by you.


Last Call is an easy way for restaurants to generate a bit of additional revenue, recover sunk food costs, and give back to the community. A brilliant idea, well executed, and has the full support of all of my restaurants.