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We are LAUNCHING! *cue fireworks*
Keep an eye out for discounted meals from your favorite restaurants like Beefsteak, Founding Farmers, GRK, and Tonic.
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What to Expect When Using Last Call

  1. Usually, you will receive a notification via email or SMS of disounted meals.
  2. After placing your order on our online store, head to the restaurant during the pickup window specified in the meal description. You MUST pick up your meal during the pickup window!
  3. Tell the restaurant you’re with Last Call and show your receipt. Your meal will be prepared shortly!
  4. Bring your own container, utensils, or other reusable items to help the restaurant and the environment! 

President LeBlanc on Last Call

Check out this video (beginning at 5:30) of GW’s President LeBlanc giving Last Call a shoutout during his talk. “Everybody I tell this idea to says ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’” LeBlanc said. “I don’t know why every college campus doesn’t have an app like that.”

Last Call Named One of DC’s Top 20 Startups to Watch

Last Call earned a spot on‘s 20 DC-Area Startups Worth Watching This Year. We’re honored to be included on this list among some great startups. 

Further With Food Highlights College Food Insecurity

FurtherWithFood, an amazing resource for finding food recovery solutions throughout the supply chain, featured college food insecurity and the work Last Call is doing in their latest newsletter. Check it out here!